Transporting Hurricane Damaged Boats

This has been a terrible hurricane season as we all know there has been thousands of boats damaged and many owners are selling there boat. here is some things you should know about these boats and preparing them for for transport.

  • Most boats damaged during a hurricane end up with structural damage "holes in hull and broken bulkheads" this kind of damage can be repaired fairly easily however when arranging for boat transport makes it very difficult.
  • Dealing with a boat that has been submerged under water. This is also another problem for transporting your boat because you end up with a bunch of added weight in the boat from mud and other subsistence inside the boat. The best solution for this is get the boat washed out be your boat gets picked up.
  • Sailboats usually have mast and stanchion damage from high winds. These situations are easy to work with the mast comes down for transport any way so the only thing we have to look at is stanchion may have to be removed not that big of deal just something to be conscious of.


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