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Getting your vessel pre paired is vital to a successful move.

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Providing accurate information is critical! when relocating your boat.

accurate measurements of your boat
OAL=Over all Length
OAW=Over all Width
OAH=Over all Height

Make sure the carrier you have chosen has the proper credentials.

insurance: you are mainly looking for cargo insurance NOT liability every vehicle has to have liability only commercial motor vehicles has cargo.

Power Boat

Choosing the right marina to pre pair your boat is pretty easy some things you may wish to ask are.

Do they have a travel lift or fork lift?
Can they shrink rap your boat for transport?
Do they have service bay for disassembly or reassembly of radar arch, fly bridge whatever type extra work needed for prepping boat.

Securing items on your boat as if you where about to sail into the worst weather ever.

Hatches latched and even taped closed.
Cabin doors need to be secured the same way as above.
Canvas tops, seat cushions need to be removed and stowed below during your boat transport.

Having your boat transported with a trailer?

When transporting your boat with your trailer on ours be sure your the bunks are properly adjusted and not rotted. the last thing you want is a trailer bunk to break with a thousand miles togo.

Boat windshields an wind screens

These items should be removed. We cannot be responsible for wind damage during your boat transport. Boats are built to go forward if the boat is loaded backwards for transport the wind can blow out windshields and wind screens.

SailBoat Transport requires a little deferent preparation.

Transporting sail boats with cradles is costly if the sail boat is going overseas then you have no choice but if you can get the cradle built close to or at the port this can make the difference between a escort car or not this saves you around $1.20 a mile in many cases ask your boat transport specialist.

Pre pairing your mast for transport: the mast needs to be rapped either in carpet, shrink rap or some type of packing rap as you know mast are expensive to replace an easily damaged.

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